Odour Cleaning Technology To Reduce Grease & Odour In Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ducts.

The 'Odour Free' DNC  series is  specially designed for restaurants and commercial kitchens where requirements for grease and odour elimination are very high.

The 'Odour Free' DNC is equipped with our unique long-life corona discharge ceramic plate, which is nearly maintenance - free.

It is well known that ozone is very effective in reducing the cooking odour in the exhaust gas stream, few people known that ozone can effectively kill bacteria that are prone to grow in oils and grease.

In addition, its continuous and efficient cleaning of the exhaust pipe greatly reduces cleaning costs, further reducing the operating costs of the restaurant.

Odour Control Ozone Generator

Corona Discharge Ozone Cell.

The unique Corona discharge ozone cell produces ozone by electrical discharge, with high - temperature sintering with thick film printing of precious metal paste, service life up to 10,000 Hours.

Commercial Kitchen Odour Control

Easy To Install, Operate & Maintain.

Odour Free DNC Ozone Generators inject ozone into the commercial kitchen exhaust / extraction ducting, which is located outside of the contaminated airflow. This is so that less maintenance is required.


Fields Of Application.

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Benefits Of Using Odour Free Odour Control Ozone Generators In Ventilation Ducts.

Benefits Of Use Diagram.jpg

Less Grease:

Ozone breaks down grease to water and dry minerals

Less Odour:

Independent tests have proven that our Ozone Generators can reduce odour up to 96%

Less Complaints:

By reducing the odour emissions from the extraction / exhaust duct there will be less complaints from near by neighbours keeping your local council happy.

Environmentally Friendly:

An independent air quality analysis has proven our ozone generators to have very little impact on the environment.

Lower Costs:

Save money through greatly reduced duct cleaning and energy use.

Reduces Duct Cleaning:

Owners have seen their duct cleaning expenses drop as much as 70%. The longer the ducts, the greater the savings.

Reduces Energy Costs:

Owners have seen their energy costs drop as much as 70Mwh per year because heat recovery in the extraction / exhaust duct.

Improves Fire Safety:

With less grease in the extraction / exhaust system restaurant owners and fire safety officials can be sure of no fire risk.

Technical Specifications.

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