Winch Charcoal / Log Grill

The SCF Winch Grill allows cooking over a charcoal or log fire. Providing a large cooking grill which is able to be lifted or lowered for the preferred cooking temperature. With the large winch wheel it makes easy work to lift or lower and gives a vintage appeal to the customer. It also has a locking mechanism so once the selected height has been made it will lock it in place. Featuring a front fuel loading door making it easier to load charcoal or wood to top up the fire. It also features a large ash collection tray to make it easier to empty after cooking. Not only that it has four air vents at the front which can be opened or closed to control the air flow to control the fire. 

The Winch Grill has four castors making it easily portable perfect for outdoor cooking.




Once at your event simply higher the grill to access the fire pit remembering to secure it using the latch. Layout your charcoal or wood on the middle fire pit grill. Light it as you would a barbecue. Open all four vents at the front to allow maximum air flow to the fire. Once the fire has a nice glow and ready for cooking place your food on the main cooking grill and lower level with the sides. Now use the height and air vents to control cooking temperature ( you will get a feel for this ). Your main heat is in the middle fire pit leaving the sides slightly cooler offering warming areas to keep food warm and on hold. Once your wood or charcoal is burnt it will fall through to the collection tray below. To fuel the fire more open the front lockable door and carefully place more charcoal or wood into the fire pit area. Now watch as your customers are amazed by such a showman type machine watching their food be freshly cooked. Once finished and cooled down simply brush all ash down the fire pit to the ash collection tray and empty. Then clean ready for use again.

No need for gas or electric a truly portable cooking machine with a great look.

No Gas Or Electric Needed !!

We can also customise this to your specification and needs. We can add burners to run on LPG or change the size to suit your requirements. Even add a motor winch if needed the skys the limit.

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Video Of Operation